Ayaneo shows off Air Pro console small PCB design with AMD Barcelo APU

Ayaneo shows off Air Pro console small PCB design with AMD Barcelo APU

AyaNeo Air is 22.4cm console with OLED screen and AMD Barcelo APU

The Air Pro is the upcoming lightweight gaming console featuring AMD ‘new’ APU.

Air Pro vs. Steam Deck & Nintendo Switch OLED, Source: AYANEO

AMD Barcelo is a refresh of Cezanne based on Zen3 architecture, so not the latest architecture. The APU itself is relatively new though, announced only this January. The device presented during a few hours long showcase by AYANEO CEO himself, is based on Ryzen 7 5825U APU featuring 8 cores and 16 threads clocked up to 4.5 GHz (there is also a version with Ryzen 5 5560U). This particular 7nm APU also comes with Vega graphics with 8 Compute Units clocked at 2000 MHz.

Ayaneo’s AIR series are targeting a niche of lightweight handheld consoles, currently occupied by Nintendo Switch devices. Despite the product’s small footprint, it is significantly faster than Switch, but probably not as powerful as Steam Deck in terms of gaming performance. After all, Valve’s device features more-capable RDNA2 graphics.

However, this tiny PCB has 8-core CPU, M.2 slot and up to 32GB of LPDDR4X memory, it is a full fledge x86 system.

Air Pro PCB, Source: AYANEO

Air Pro PCB, Source: AYANEO

This new lightweight design comes at a cost. The biggest concern with new AIR series are relatively their small batteries. The base Ryzen 5 5560U models comes with even smaller battery than 5825U, which is 7350 mAH compared to 10,050 mAh. This is still barely a half of Steam Deck’s 19,200 mAh capacity, but Valve’s console is significantly larger.

AYANEO recently announced a new variant of Air device called Air Plus, featuring AMD Mendocino quad-core CPU with RDNA2 graphics. This product will target even lower price point (~290 USD). The Air and Air Pro will cost at least 550 USD all the way up to 1400 USD for the best configuration.

The company announced that AMD Barcelo based Air devices will start shipping in August (5560U) and September (5825U).

AYA NEO AIR Specifications
Liliputing AYA Neo Air 5560U AYA Neo Air 5560U AYA Neo Air Pro 5560U AYA Neo Air Pro 5825U AYA Neo Air Pro 5825U
Processor AMD Ryzen 5 5560U
6-core / 12-thread
2.3 GHz base / 4 GHz boost
AMD Ryzen 7 5825U
8-cores / 16 threads
2 GHz base / 4.5 GHz boost
graphics Radeon Vega 7 Radeon Vega 8
PDT 8-12W 8-15W 8-18W 8-18W 8-18W
Memory 8GB LPDDR4x-3200 16GB LPDDR4x-4266 32GB LPDDR4x-4266
SSD 128GB 256GB 512GB 512GB / 1TB 2TB
display 5.5″ 1920 x 1080 pixel OLED
Wireless WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2
Battery 28Wh, 7,350mAh 38Wh, 10,050mAh
Fingerprint reader? No Yes Yes Yes Yes
colors White Black Black, White, Pink Black, White, Pink Black, White, Pink
Dimensions 224×89.5×17-26.7mm 224×89.5×18-26.7mm 224×89.5×21.6-26.7mm
Weight 395 grams 410 grams 450 grams
Price (Retail) $549 $629 $649 $799 (16G/1TB)
$699 (16G/0.5TB)
$999 (16G/0.5TB)
$1099 (16G/1TB)
$1399 (32G/2GB)

Source: AyaNeo via @Olrak29_


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