iOS 16 — this is the most underrated new feature for your iPhone

iOS 16 — this is the most underrated new feature for your iPhone

There’s a new iOS 16 feature that Apple hasn’t promoted much, but that has instantly become my favorite thing about the new OS. Hidden in the Settings app, there’s now an option to activate haptic feedback for the keyboard. And not only is it now an option, it works brilliantly.

Apple’s headline features like the new Lock Screen customization options and detailed 3D buildings in Apple Maps are cool, sure. But they don’t change the fundamental way I interact with my iPhone daily in the same way that haptic keyboard feedback does.

If you have the beta installed, you can enable it by going through Settings -> Sound and Haptics -> Keyboard Feedback and enabling the Haptic toggle. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, basically this option makes the phone vibrate slightly as you type on the onscreen keyboard, just like how it does when you press certain buttons in apps or long-press an icon on your home screen. If you’ve never tried this before, trust me, it makes a huge difference for such a little change.

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

I didn’t try the keyboard feedback option out in the developer beta, but in this initial public beta, it already feels fantastic. Each key produces a pleasant little pop beneath your thumbs, and never distracts from whatever you’re typing out.


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