Luke’s unique ‘Perfect’ win animation in Street Fighter 6 is goofy in… mostly all the right ways

Luke's unique 'Perfect' win animation in Street Fighter 6 is goofy in... mostly all the right ways

Japan Expo 2022 is taking place in Paris this week and those in attendance will have the opportunity to try their hand at Street Fighter 6. A playable demo is available on the show floor, meaning we’ll likely be seeing another wave of new footage from event goers.

In that same spirit, Capcom Europe’s own Brand Manager Matthew Edwards recorded a quick Street Fighter 6 clip of something we haven’t yet seen. Apparently, there will be unique win animations for when players achieve perfect rounds, and Luke’s is very goofy in almost all the right ways.

“Saw one of the attendees getting a perfect win with Luke and asked them to do it again so I could capture it,” Edwards wrote on Twitter. Matt points out that Luke really is a product of the TikTok generation, and he’s definitely not wrong.

With this Perfect animation, Luke takes the opportunity to show his joy by doing a little dance. The dance itself is silly and Luke sports a giant smile on his face as he does it, fully aware of how ridiculous he looks.

This playful and almost troll-like attitude seems to be a theme for the young contender. We previously saw that one of his taunts pokes fun at the Street Fighter poster boy, Ryu, as he performs the hand motion for a Hadoken and says the word in what is essentially that Spongebob mocking meme.

It’s for that reason that this dancing animation works so well for Luke, however, there does appear to be something wrong with it. While a lot of things in Street Fighter 6 look fantastic, for some reason Luke’s proportions look way off during this animation.

Now, this is obviously a very early build of a game that’s still in development, and the off-screen camera angle probably isn’t doing it any favors. But Luke’s weird body definitely stands out here and ends up being a little unsettling to see.

Still, the dance itself is fitting and funny, and we can’t wait to see what some of the other Perfect win animations look like in the game.

Those of us waiting for another Street Fighter 6 reveal will have to look no further than Evo next month. The major tournament series confirmed yesterday that we can expect announcements (plural) during the event on August 5 – 7.

Until then, we should keep an eye on social media as there will likely be quite a bit more fresh footage of Street Fighter 6 coming from Japan Expo 2022. The demo appears to be the same used at Summer Game Fest last month, so only Ryu , Chun-Li, Luke, and Jamie are available, but hey, we’ll take all of the new gameplay that we can get.

Street Fighter 6 is set for release sometime in 2023.



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