Mountain of new Apple products leaked in software code, but are they real?

Mountain of new Apple products leaked in software code, but are they real?

An Apple user claims to have found hidden code referencing nearly all of Apple’s upcoming new products including the iPhone 14 and the next Apple Watch.

reverse-engineer Pierre Blazquez took to Twitter to reveal findings of multiple new Apple products. According to Blazquez, these identifiers (which match what we’d usually expect to see from this sort of thing) were reportedly found in a file “archived in a publicly available software bundle.” While they don’t include any details or information about what these devices might be capable of or any upgrades, we can at least use them to try and pin down what Apple has in store over the coming months.

It should be noted that Blazquez is not yet a leaker with a track record of accurate findings, and they’ve also been quite coy about where these details have been found, so it’s possible their source might not be legitimate. With that being said, the listed product lineups do match other rumors and leaks we’ve heard from reliable outlets like Mark Gurman and Ming-Chi Kuo. iMore has been able to verify that the source of these leaks is legitimate.

The first is iPhone 14Blazquez claims to have found references to four new models, likely the four expected versions of the new phone, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The latter two codenames given here match exactly codenames given by Mark Gurman in May, which could indicate they are from the same source and are accurate.

Blazquez has also found six new iPad references, four ‘iPad 14’ models and two ‘iPad 15 models. We’ve heard quite a bit about Apple’s plans to unleash new ‘Pro’ iPad models, as well as possibly a new tenth-generation iPad with USB-C and 5G. These are unlikely to be a new version of the recently refreshed iPad Airand there doesn’t appear to be enough models to denote a rumored new iPad Pro with M2either.

Leaks also purportedly revealed nine different Apple Watch models. This lines up perfectly with the expected rumors that Apple is going to release three new watches, Apple Watch Series 8Apple Watch SE 2, and a new rugged explorer model, each in three different sizes.

Blazquez also claims to have found a new rumored HomePod Apple is said to be planning for later this year, as well as three new M2-powered Macs. Following reports this is a reference to a new mac studio, Blazquez played down this assumption stating “I said M2-based Mac, not Mac Studio.” Given these are likely close-at-hand products and the Mac studio is barely four months old, this is more likely to be any number of other rumored M2 Mac devices. This could be a new M2 Macbook Proa new Mac Pro, or indeed Mac mini refreshes, all of which were recently rumored by Mark Gurman.

As noted previously, Blazquez has not provided much information about where this information comes from, save that it is “publicly available”. However, as noted his reported findings match identically with one well-connected insider and multiple leaks and rumors about the plans we think Apple has going forward for all of its major product lines.

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