DreameBot D10 Plus robot vacuum and mop unlocks 45 days of hands-free cleaning for a value ($100 off)

DreameBot D10 Plus robot vacuum and mop unlocks 45 days of hands-free cleaning for a value ($100 off)

Dreame Technology is dedicated to making smart home appliances cleaner and more accessible, and that’s what the DreameBot D10 Plus is designed to do. DreameBot D10 Plus combines the latest innovations in robot vacuum technology from Dreame to create a super-powered cleaning assistant. This auto-empty robot vacuum and mop offers up to 45 days of hands-free cleaning, uses the same LiDAR technology in new iPhones to map its surroundings, and packs in more power than its competitors for an affordable price.

Hands-off cleaning for weeks

DreameBot D10 Plus lets you automate vacuuming and mopping for up to 45 days without frequent interaction. The auto-empty feature conveniently releases the robot vacuum’s dust bin into a 2.5 liter bag that holds more than its competitors. This means DreameBot can work for you multiple times a week and you’ll only need to change the bag as few as eight times per year.

The self-emptying DreameBot docks and charges at its base station that uses DualBoost technology with two air circulation paths to prevent clogs when automatically emptying the dust bin. This highly efficient system isn’t just convenient for hands-free operation. It also eliminates dust and dirt from spreading through the air when emptying the vacuum canister.

LiDAR mapping system

LiDAR technology is used in the most advanced hardware from self-driving cars to the cameras in our iPhones to create AR experiences. DreameBot D10 Plus uses the laser imaging tech and an advanced SLAM algorithm (simultaneous localization and mapping) to quickly scan its surroundings while dynamically mapping your home with accuracy. High-performance LiDAR navigation is especially useful in rooms with closely spaced furniture.

DreameBot D10 Plus is able to scan a 26-foot radius using laser navigation. This means no missed spots when cleaning, and no repeated cleaning areas for a more efficient job. Once DreameBot creates a floor plan, you can designate areas in your home by room through Dreame’s iPhone app. There’s also Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice control that uses the virtual map to do specific cleaning jobs.

super-powered robot

DreameBot D10 Plus is specced out to provide the best robot vacuum and mop experience for you. In addition to the larger 2.5-liter dust bag capacity, DreameBot features a 5200mAh battery for longer cleaning sessions between charges. D10 Plus also packs a main brush roller that’s designed for deep cleaning, and that’s backed up by 4000Pa suction to dig deep in carpets and collect pet hair.

DreameBot D10 Plus includes built-in mop functionality, too. A 145 mL water tank is backed by three water usage modes with varying levels of dampness to provide the most efficient mopping experience.

DreameBot 10 Plus is already an excellent value at $499, and Dreame Technology is giving readers a $100 discount for a limited time. Start automating your floor cleaning routine for $399 now through July 9, 2022, and enter to win free dust bags after purchase from Dreame’s special giveaway during launch.

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